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Our dedication to craftsmanship and attention to detail ensures that every Drexel Metal roofing system is built to last, providing superior protection for your home and peace of mind for our customers.

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Unmatched Durability

While traditional options such as asphalt shingles and wood shingles may seem like a viable option, they simply cannot match the durability and longevity of a metal roof. As soon as they are installed, asphalt roofs begin to deteriorate, wood shingles dry out and crack over time, and concrete roof tile can fracture from freeze/thaw cycles. A metal roof, on the other hand, provides superior strength and is virtually maintenance-free; making it the premier choice for protecting your home against the elements and ensuring peace of mind for years to come.

Is Your Metal Roof Ready for Winter: 5 Tips to Prep for the Cold

Winters can be tough on all roofs, especially for areas that experience extreme weather. While snow and ice formation can pose several problems to more traditional roofing materials, metal panel roofing systems can withstand the added strain. But like any outdoor building product that is exposed to the elements, metal roofs still need a little care to prepare for the colder months.

Feb 17 2023

5 Reasons Roofing Contractors Should Invest in a Portable Rollforming Machine

Taking the next step to expand a roofing construction business can be full of uncertainty. Some of these doubts revolve around investing in the equipment necessary to expand. Which machinery will bring the most return on investment? Is this the same equipment needed to fulfill customer requests? How can it be used to its maximum potential?

Feb 17 2023

How Metal Roofs Contribute to Green Building Goals

Building sustainably and reducing our carbon footprint has never been more important as climate change continues to affect the world. Nearly one third of the total energy consumed, greenhouse gases emitted, raw materials used, and waste created in the United States comes from the construction industry. It’s more crucial than ever, as a top energy spender, that the building industry find alternatives towards greener building.

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Feb 17 2023
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