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Snow Retention Systems

Snow retention systems are designed to help prevent snow and ice from sliding off a roof suddenly and potentially causing damage or injury. This can be especially important for metal roofs, which are often steeply pitched and have a smooth finish, making them more prone to shedding snow and ice.

Here are some reasons why you might want to consider using snow retention on your metal roof:
1. Safety: Snow retention systems can help prevent large chunks of snow and ice from suddenly sliding off the roof.
2. Protecting property: Snow and ice sliding off a roof can also damage property below, such as vehicles or landscaping.
3. Long-term roof protection: Snow and ice sliding off a roof can cause damage to the roof itself, such as denting or bending of metal panels or even causing gutters or other roof components to detach.
4. Aesthetics: A snow retention system can also add to the visual appeal of a metal roof, especially if the system is designed to complement the roof’s color and style.

S-5! ColorGard

Experience the best of both worlds with Drexel Metals and S-5!. The leading provider of metal roofing systems and the trusted name in rooftop snow retention have partnered to offer a comprehensive solution for your metal roofing needs. With the S-5! ColorGard system, you can be confident in a reliable and secure attachment solution that preserves the integrity and finish of your roof.

What is ColorGard®?
ColorGard® is a snow retention system designed to reduce the risks associated with snow avalanches off rooftops, while maintaining the appearance of the roof. The system is site-specifically engineered and designed to match the color and finish of the roof. It is guaranteed to perform without damaging the roof, and is mechanically attached with patented S-5!® clamps, which grip the seam securely without penetration and without damage to the panel’s protective finishes.

ColorGard Benefits

• Free lifetime material/defect warranty
• Limited lifetime performance warranty available
• Optional job-specific, low-cost P.E. wet stamp available
• Affordable cost with documented holding strength
• Compatible with all standing seam and exposed-fastened metal roof profiles
• Perfect color and finish-matching for the life of the roof
• Easy-to-use online project calculator for job-specific engineering and BOM
• Proven performance since 1995 – 4,000+ miles of installations without a single documented failure
• Readily available from 60+ locations in the U.S. and Canada
• Endorsed by every major metal roof manufacturer in North America

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