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GSA Multi Award Schedule Contract 47QSWA22D009X Information

• Contract Award Date: September 25, 2022
• Duration Five Years
• FSC Group: Facilities
• FSC Class: 5410
• SIN Designation 332311P

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MIC Industries Ultimate Building System

Through our GSA Multi Award Contract, we now offer a superior product, for the military construction of superior K-Span structures, using the MIC Industries Ultimate Building System®. Drexel Metals offers an enhanced product design. Beginning with the specified requirements for the steel from our mill supplier, that enables the forming of panels without failures. An enhanced DREXMET® EZ-Form XL+ paint system, to be used with the Ultimate Building System. Designed and developed over many years to withstand the extreme forming that is required. As well as to withstand caustic and corrosive environments. Our paint system is beyond standard! Coils are packaged for the rigors of transportation and long-term storage. Stocking and distribution of all scheduled items from a large on hand inventory from several locations throughout the US enables quick lead times when required. GSA offers Drexel Metals the opportunity to work directly with construction units from all military and federal activities that require the superior pre-painted steel coil for use in K-Span construction. This enables the buyer to receive the product needed when it’s required. Ordering through the GSA contract is an easy and efficient procurement process that eliminates the extreme time delays required of other means of procurement requiring long lead times and delays in the construction process. A one stop easy process, with open communications, will keep your project on time and on budget.

Drexel Metals Performs
  • Approved by MIC Industries Inc. for use with the Ultimate Building System
  • Work in conjunction with MIC Industries Inc. when required to meet the requirements of design
Return Material Authorization
Coil Products

Product: UBM120 .038Nom (.035.039) x 23.750”   Part Number: 224319  Color: Bone White
Product: UBM120 .043Nom (.040.046) x 23.750”   Part Number: 224317  Color: Cream Tan

Product: UBM120 .043Nom (.040.046) x 23.750”  Part Number: 224316   Color: Colonial Red

Product: UBM240 .043Nom (.040.046) x 35.750”   Part Number: 253858  Color: Cream Tan

Product: UBM240 .063Nom (.060.066) x 35.750”   Part Number: 224281  Color: Cream Tan

Product: UBM240 .063Nom (.060.066) x 35.750”   Part Number: 224280  Color: Colonial Red

Steel Specifications

Hot Dipped Galvanized
ASTM A653, SS, Grade 50, G90

Paint Specifications

Modified Siliconized Polyester
Pretreatment: Henkel 1421 Phosphate

Paint Primer Thickness: .03/.04mil (Both Sides)

Topcoat (Color Coat), .07/.08mil

Bottom: Wash Coat, .03/.04mil

Available Colors

Bone White
Cream Tan

Colonial Red

Additional colors available upon request


Heat treated oak skid to size
Coils skidded eyetosky

Banded (3) thru eye to secure to skid

Coil Shrink wrapped to skid

Accessories available (Not part of GSA Schedule)

Touch up paint
Caulk and sealants

Butyl Tape

Screws, rivets and other fasteners


Standing Seam painted coil for panel machines

Flat sheets painted for fabrication of trim or flashings

Gutter coil and supplies

Slit coil for Frame Cad Systems


ISO Board

Rolled Membrane Roofing

Liquid Roofing solutions

Sheet Metal Hand Tools

KSpan and Ultimate Building System (UBM) are trademarks of M.I.C. Industries, Inc., Clear Book, VA.

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