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MetShield Synthetic Underlayment

MetShield Synthetic Underlayment with WIP GRIP Technology are among the safest,
strongest, and best-performing roof underlayments on the market. MetShield Synthetic with WIP GRIP Technology offers superior strength and durability, dynamic steep-slope traction, water resistance, a wrinkle-free surface, and resistance to UV breakdown. The use of WIP GRIP technology offers dynamic traction and is ideal for steep slopes in a variety of weather conditions as it is also an air, vapor, and water barrier. MetShield Synthetic with WIP GRIP Technology is rated for commercial and residential applications and is an ideal roof underlayment for asphalt shingles, metal, tile, slate, and a variety of other sloped roofing materials.

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Roll size: 48″ x 250′
32 pounds per roll
16 mils thick
Rolls per Pallet 36
Rolls per Truckload 1,296 (36 Pallets)


Ensure the roof deck or substrate is properly fastened, has no significant delamination, warpage, bowing or separation from the rafters, trusses, or support structures and is free of debris, clean, and smooth before the underlayment is applied. MetShield Synthetic with WIP GRIP Technology shall be installed using compatible materials and conforming to best building practices. Verify the application is compliant with applicable building codes.


• ASTM E 108
• ASTM D4533 MD/CD
• ASTM D4869
• ASTM E96
• ASTM D226-97
• ICC-ES AC188
• Code Compliance (CCRR-1028)

Drexel Metals test reports are for specific attachments, material gauges, clip spacing and panel widths. A complete specification and listing is available.

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