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2023 - Early 2024 Publication Highlights

Drexel Metals is a full range provider of superior-quality engineered metal roofing systems and
architectural wall panels, equipment and custom fabrication services. With successful solutions come
recognition, so let’s take a look at some examples of our company, products, and projects on display in
recent trade publications.

New Facade Series Takes Home Multiple Product Innovation and Design Awards

The Facade HL Panels and Facade BR Panels were named a 2023 Product Innovation Award (PIA)-winning solution by Architectural Products in December. A PIA judge commented, “It’s great to see an ever-broadening collection of unique panel profiles, offering designers greater imagination in cladding design and detailing.” 

Roofing named the Facade HL and Facade BR series among the Top Products of 2023 in its December issue. 

Building Design + Construction also recognized our Facade series as one of the Top 75 Products of 2023, calling out the rib angles and rib spacing patterns that provide added visual appeal and flexibility of design. 

Medalist’s New Metal Roof Is Taking Over the Pages of Your Favorite Trade Magazines

With its new Drexel Metals system, the clubhouse at the Medalist Golf Club in Hobe Sound, Florida, looks incredible and has a roof that is built to last, even in tough weather conditions. And people are noticing. 

Roofing featured Medalist with a beautiful multi-page spread, highlighting the visual appeal of the roof as well as some technical aspects of the installation.  

Metal Roofing Magazine, too, showed off the new roof, exploring the decision-making process the club and its consultants went through before landing on Drexel Metals’ DMC 175S profile. 

Finally, Club Resort and Business did an online feature that highlighted the system’s advantages: minimal maintenance and long-term performance coupled with a beautiful look for the club. 

Brian McLaughlin, Drexel Metals’ National Sales Manager, recently shared his thoughts with Metal Roofing in its 2024 look at the industry in its February/March issue. McLaughlin stated that 2024 is promising, and “…the flow of projects and purchase orders are where they were pre-pandemic. The supply chain rebounded, and pricing stabilized.” 

Read more of Brian’s insights starting on page 30 of the online edition of Metal Roofing