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Drip Edge LT Fascia

Drexel Metals Drip Edge and Drip Edge LT consist of an innovative two-part
assembly that includes a continuous cleat and a decorative fascia cover, providing you with a complete roofing system that’s easy to install and built to last. With our Pre-Punched Continuous Cleat, you can use high-torque screws to securely fasten your roof membrane to the parapet wall, all without damaging the top surface of the membrane. Plus, our Drip Edge System provides an attractive and durable finish for your single-ply commercial roof. The continuous cleat ensures a seamless installation, while the decorative fascia cover adds a touch of style to your building.

Ideal Application
  • Flat Roof
  • Roof Edge
Product Data Sheet
Color Chart
Product Specifications

Material – 24 gauge, Face – up to 6″, Sustained Pressures – 22 Ga Cleat/-390 psf(*)
Material – .040 AL, Face – up to 6″, Sustained Pressures – 22 Ga Cleat/-410 psf(*)
Material – 24 gauge, Face – up to 6″, Sustained Pressures – 24 Ga Cleat/-240 psf(*)
Material – .040 AL, Face – up to 6″, Sustained Pressures – 24 Ga Cleat/-250 psf(*)

*Design Engineer must apply the Factor of Safety
**ADDITIONAL GAUGES – .050 and .063 aluminum and 22 gauge Galvalume are available upon request


Engineering and shop drawings, as well as long-form specifications and CAD details, are available from Drexel Metals. Product samples, detail sheets, color chips and color charts are also available for submittal packages. For personal assistance with questions or for full submittals, contact Drexel Metals or your local independent sales representative.


Drexel Metals Drip Edge system is tested per ANSI/SPRI Test Method RE-2 for Drip Edge. The Drip Edge system shall be certified by Drexel Metals to design pressures as indicated in current edition of SPRI’s Wind Resistance Standard for Edge Systems used with Low Slope Roofing System. This products meets International Building Code minimum requirement.


For complete installation instructions, please refer to Drexel Metals Architectural specifications and details.

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