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Hotel LBI

Location Ship Bottom, New Jersey
Completion Date April 2019
Details New construction
Roof Panels 175S Snap Lock panels
Panel Color Deep Blue Sea
Underlayment Metshield HT
Insulation 3" polyiso on a portion of the roof
Certified Installer Marcel Kupec, Kupex Exteriors, LLC

Hotel LBI is New Jersey’s finest coastal hotel! Located in Ship Bottom, New Jersey, Hotel LBI offers the charm of a summer home paired with top-of-the-line amenities. They provide a world-class experience to their customers, and they wanted their new building design to reflect that same upscale feel. The design of this new construction build is reminiscent of early 1900s-style grand hotels, and the Drexel Metals standing seam metal roof is the cherry on top of this beautifully executed project.

Kupex Exteriors, based out of Trenton, New Jersey, is a valued partner of Drexel Metals and a well-trusted roofing installer in the New Jersey tri-state area. They offer several commercial building exterior services as well as residential services. After working with the GC of this specific project on several other occasions, Kupex Exteriors was the natural choice for the execution of this roof installation. The GC was already very familiar with the vast array of metal roofing benefits, so choosing the roofing material was an easy task.

The specific Drexel Metals material used for this project was the DMC 175S 1¾” Snap Lock panel. This panel type is known for its distinctive broad seam width, impressive structural capabilities, and easy Snap Lock installation. Featuring a 1¾” seam height, this continuous interlocking engineered roof system has a concealed fastener and clip application that allows thermal movement and requires no mechanical seaming. Even though installation is simple and quick, the product withstands extremely high design pressures. This made it a natural fit for Hotel LBI, which is right along the coastline in an area that’s prone to high winds.