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Metal Roof Finishes: Customization and Lasting Performance  

Metal roofs come with several practical advantages, including a service life of 40-60 years—up to three times longer than other roofing materials. But it’s their ability to deliver lasting performance and style that make metal roofs well-suited for a variety of commercial, residential and custom applications. Metal roofing systems can be customized to help architects and designers create statement-making roof designs that enhance a building’s appearance. For example, in addition to offering multiple profile options, metal roofing systems from Drexel Metals can be finished in over 40 standard colors with custom colors available. With so many opportunities for customization, project designers do not have to compromise their design vision for roof performance. 

To provide lasting style points, metal roofing substrates rely heavily on the chemical makeup of their paint system. For metal roofing, the paint system is made from three basic ingredients: resins, pigments, and additives. Resins most acutely distinguish finishing coats and often provide the name of the paint system. Of the options available to metal roofing fabricators, polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) is the most commonly used resin. Although PVDF comes at a slightly higher cost compared to SMP, it offers superior performance. 

Chemical makeup of PVDF lends resistance to damaging effects of weathering 

PVDF is composed of alternating carbon-hydrogen and carbon-fluorine bonds, which lend the highest resistance to UV exposure, oxidation, humidity and extreme temperatures of any resin. This means the Deep Blue Sea color that crowns the Jersey Shore’s Hotel LBI will remain bright—fading less than 5 Hunter Units over the course of 35 years. Its fade resistance is bolstered by PVDF’s ability to curb long-term chalking. Chalking refers to the appearance of a powdery white residue on the surface of a coating. This phenomenon happens when resins in coatings break down and degrade after years of exposure to harmful UV rays. The loss of the protective layer will not only dull the roof color, but it will also compromise the integrity of the metal underneath. PVDF’s strong chemical bonds help retain the original roof color and allow building owners to receive the full longevity and beauty of a metal roofing system. 

Customizable PVDF finish offers lasting style in nearly any environment 

Weather events can’t be stopped, and we can’t stop the sun from shining. But metal roofs with high-performance finishes like PVDF can provide lasting style in nearly any environment. Using a PVDF finish, architects and designers can create a custom metal roof design that dazzles decades after installation. To provide ultimate peace of mind, Drexel Metals backs their PVDF coatings with industry-leading 35-year limited warranties.  

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