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Endless Design Options with Metal Wall Panels 

Like metal roofs, metal wall panels have become an increasingly popular choice for building facades. It’s easy to see why! Ideal for commercial or residential applications, metal wall panels can enhance the appearance of a building’s facade in a variety of ways, from creating a sleek and contemporary look to adding depth and complexity to the design.  

In this blog, we’ll explore some of the ways architects and building owners can customize metal wall panels to accommodate a design vision. As a result, the panels can have a significant impact on the curb appeal of a building, attracting more attention from passersby and raising the property value. 

Dozens of color options can accommodate a design vision  

Metal panels can be finished in over 40 unique colors. With so many options for customization, architects and designers can specify a hue that matches their vision or a company’s branding. Brian McLaughlin, Drexel Metals’ National Sales Manager, recently shared with Metal Architecture magazine that black is one of today’s most sought-after colors. This dramatic color choice lends a contemporary, high-design look to any building. While colors can be brilliant and bold, they can also be more subtle, providing either a minimalist feel or rustic charm depending on the surroundings. 

Oriented vertically or horizontally, metal wall panels create a high-impact look 

For added design versatility, metal wall panels can be oriented vertically or horizontally. When oriented vertically on a building’s facade, they can draw the eye upwards, creating the illusion of a much taller building. This can lend a dramatic air. Oriented horizontally, the metal wall panels can provide a modern look with clean lines. This minimalist approach to design is more popular than ever in contemporary architecture. Depending on the application, designers may also use the horizontal orientation of the panels to create a visual connection between a building and the adjacent outdoor living spaces.  

Unique profile options add depth and complexity 

Metal wall panels from top manufacturers are typically offered in a variety of profiles. With unique profiles to choose from, architects and designers can add depth and complexity to a building’s facade.  

For added visual interest, profiles can play with the way that light interacts with the building’s facade, creating shadows that change with the position of the sun. This effect is particularly noticeable on buildings that are illuminated at night, as the shadows created by the profiles can create a dramatic appearance. 

New architectural wall panels from Drexel Metals 

Today’s top manufacturers are introducing new architectural wall panels that make it possible to go big on style and performance. Drexel Metals’ Facade Wall Panels offer modern sophistication, are cost-effective and sustainable, and are designed for commercial or residential applications. Drexel’s new wall panels are available in different material substrates, including aluminum and steel. Unlike traditional building materials such as wood (a common material for facades), wall panels made from aluminum and steel can provide long-lasting performance in nearly any environment. Providing superior durability, Drexel’s Facade Wall Panels can ensure a building maintains its beautiful appearance over time with minimal maintenance. What’s more, these panels are simple to set up, reducing install time and associated labor costs. For endless design options, architectural wall panels from Drexel are available in dozens of bold colors, can be oriented horizontally or vertically, and are offered in a variety of profiles.  

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