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Drexel Metals: Higher-Quality Roofing Materials are Found and Sourced at Home 

Since 1985, Drexel Metals has been a trusted provider of superior-quality metal roofing systems, equipment and custom fabrication services. Unlike other metal roof manufacturers, Drexel Metals has built its first-rate reputation by using over 99% American-made and sourced products.  

U.S. roofing professionals who turn to Drexel Metals can rest easy knowing they are backed by American steel and aluminum and a shared commitment to the highest standards of quality and value.  

Higher-quality, American-made metal roofing products 

American manufacturing standards, including strict safety regulations, mean that American-made roofing systems are crafted to meet the highest standards. Ultimately, this results in premium roofing products made of top-quality materials that have been engineered and tested to make sure they’ll get the job done right. 

Drexel Metals’ products are made in the USA, so customers know that they’re buying something from a company that is committed to excellence. Nearly every aspect of the Drexel Metals production process, from material processing to quality assurance, relies on over 99% domestically sourced raw materials and labor performed by Americans, for Americans. 

Nationwide manufacturing locations and local roofing stock 

When U.S. roofing professionals choose domestic roofing solutions like Drexel Metals with nationwide manufacturing locations, they’re investing in a product that takes a much shorter journey to its destination than when they purchase an imported good. This reduces the carbon footprint of the purchaser and the materials.  

Plus, Drexel Metals encompasses a national network of local manufacturers and installers, which creates more jobs for Americans, as diverse skills are needed to handle the various stages of production. This in turn helps strengthen local economies. 

Think local® instead of global 

Drexel Metals takes a “think local®” approach to the metal roofing industry. The Drexel Metals Association of Regional Manufacturers (DM-ARM) is made up of a network of local “in your town” manufacturers and installers who are proud to use over 99% American-made products. Drexel Metals supports these installers and fabricators by offering means of production, back-office support and more. 

Local DM-ARM members are site-certified by Drexel Metals, and they participate in industry-leading metal roofing, engineering and warranty programs.  

Metal roofing on-demand 

To deliver superior roofing systems to their customers even faster, contractors and roofing distributors can also partner with Drexel Metals’ Metal Roofing On-Demand program. Equipped with machines manufactured in North America, these roofing experts can fabricate superior-quality engineered metal roofing systems as needed and on-site, giving them the ability to form their own panels to fit the specific job. 

By keeping the production process in the U.S., Drexel Metals sidesteps delays in international cargo shipments and provides its customers with shorter lead times to meet increased demand for roofing projects. This also facilitates a quicker response to changes in market demand. 

Made in the U.S.A. and proud of it 

Purchasing metal roofing made in the U.S. is a crucial part of investing in the national economy and supporting American jobs. Further, buying from American companies that sell American-made products guarantees that they’re coming from manufacturers that adhere to our country’s strict labor laws and production requirements. 

If you want to support the growth of your local and national economy, while getting the best that money can buy, look for roofing products that are backed by American manufacturing, create American jobs and are made by American companies like Drexel Metals. 

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